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Cardiothoracic Surgery FAQs

What risks are associated with coronary bypass surgery?
A coronary bypass requires general anesthesia which always poses a risk, but for low-risk patients, survival rates are around 99%. Although the risk is small, the surgery can possibly cause stroke, infection, heart attack, or bleeding.

What is a lobectomy?
A lobectomy is a procedure which removes a lobe of a lung. Lungs are made up of lobes, or sections. Typically, lobes are removed when they evidence a tumor or other severe illness. The diseases lobe is removed, leaving the healthy parts of the lung intact. In cases where a lobectomy is insufficient, a pneumonectomy is performed – removal of an entire lung.

Will I have trouble breathing after a lobectomy?
In most cases, you will be able to breathe normally even if your entire lung is removed.


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