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Nuclear Medicine

As part of a comprehensive diagnostic plan, your Advanced Imaging physician might refer you for Nuclear Medicine studies.

What is a Nuclear Medicine Scan?
A nuclear medicine (NM) scan is a diagnostic exam that provides your doctor with important information about organ function.

In nuclear medicine, imaging radiopharmaceuticals (radioactive medicine or tracers) are taken orally, by intravenous injection or inhalation. Special cameras then capture and form images from the radiation emitted by the radiopharmaceuticals in the body. This process is different from diagnostic X-rays which pass external radiation through the body to form the images.

NM scans determine the presence of disease based on biological and anatomical changes; i.e. how an organ functions, and what it looks like. Nuclear Medicine scans allow us to evaluate the function of a number of organs including the thyroid gland, lungs, heart, stomach,kidneys, and gallbladder.

Further, NM scans allow us to monitor certain types of cancer, detect a number of bone and joint abnormalities such as fractures, arthritis or tumors, and evaluate certain neurological diseases, infection and blood volume.

Download the Nuclear Medicine brochure


Types of nuclear medicine scans we provide:




  • Bone Scan
  • Hepatobiliary Scan
  • Thyroid Scan
  • Parathyroid Scan
  • MIBG
  • Octreotide
  • Lung Scan
  • Renal Scans

  • Lymphoscintigraphy
  • Gastric Emptying
  • Scans
  • Neurologic Scans
  • Blood Volume Analysis
  • Infection Studies
  • Cisternogram

  • Our center offers convenient hours for testing. Please call our scheduling office at (914) 493-7552 Monday through Friday 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM for additional information.

     Our Nuclear Medicine Physicians

    Dr. Perry Gerard is the Director of Nuclear Medicine and Vice Chairman of Nuclear Medicine and Radiology IT at Westchester Medical Center and Professor of Radiology and Medicine at New York Medical College. Dr. Gerard received his training at Maimonides Medical Center, Brooklyn, NY, and fellowship training in Nuclear Medicine, CT and Sonography at Maimonides Medical Center, Brooklyn, NY. He is a Diplomate of the American Board of Radiology with Special Competency in Nuclear-Radiology and Board Certified in Nuclear Cardiology Level II Certification, Cardiovascular CT angiography. Dr. Gerard’s interests include Nuclear Medicine, PET-CT, SPECT-CT.

    Dr. Pierre-Yves Sonke is an attending Radiologist at Westchester Medical Center, Valhalla, NY, and Assistant Professor of Radiology at New York Medical College.  Dr. Sonke received his training in Anatomical and Clinical Pathology at Stony Brook University/Winthrop University Hospital, Long Island, NY; Nuclear Medicine training at North Shore Hospital, Long Island, NY; and Diagnostic Radiology training at New York Methodist Hospital, Brooklyn, NY.  He is Board Certified by the American Board of Radiology.  Dr. Sonke’s interests include Nuclear Medicine, PET/CT, Body CT, MR and Ultrasound Imaging.


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