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If you are scheduled to undergo an ultrasound, you should know that it is a safe, non-invasive imaging process used on soft tissue for a variety of diagnostic purposes. You may be familiar with it as an obstetrical tool, but ultrasound imaging is also used to diagnose conditions in many areas of the body, including the heart, kidneys, liver, and gallbladder, as well as less obvious organs like the eyes and lymph nodes.

The Advanced Imaging Center at Westchester Medical Center features four advanced ATL Ultrasound units that offer comprehensive state-of-the-art imaging. Our experienced radiologists use ultrasound tests to visualize and diagnose abnormal growths and other medical conditions, and to guide surgical interventional procedures such as fine needle aspiration or biopsies of the breast, thyroid gland, liver, and other organs or muscle groups.

And of course, at our Women's Imaging Center, we can use ultrasound to monitor the health and developmental progress of unborn babies through the use of 3-D ultrasound imaging.

How Ultrasound Works

Ultrasound technology bounces sound waves off of organs and other soft tissues to produce internal images of the human body. Since it doesn't involve radiation, it is considered to be both safe and effective, making it a very useful and trusted diagnostic tool.

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