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Why Choose the Transplant Center

The Transplant Center at Westchester Medical Center offers innovative, state-of-the art evaluation and treatment for patients of all ages who require kidney, liver, heart, corneal and bone marrow transplants. WMC is home to one of the largest Kidney Transplant Program in the Northeast, the fifth largest Pediatric Corneal Transplant Program in the nation and New York State's second busiest Bone Marrow Transplant program.

Transplant Leaders

Westchester Medical Center has a broad array of transplant programs. Each of our transplant programs offer superior care:

  • Heart Transplants: The Heart Transplant Center at Westchester Medical Center is on the cutting edge of many national and international research programs, giving patients access to congestive heart failure treatments, medications and heart transplant procedures years before they are available to the general public.
  • Kidney Transplants: Kidney transplants are the preferred treatment for many people with kidney failure. Westchester Medical Center is home to one of the largest Kidney Transplant Center in the Northeast. The Kidney Transplant Center at Westchester Medical Center has performed thousands of kidney transplants - making it the largest and busiest program in all of New York State.
  • Liver Transplants: The first liver transplant in the Hudson Valley was performed by at the Liver Transplant Center at WMC over ten years ago. Liver transplantation has become an accepted therapy for end stage liver disease in both adults and children, as well as for certain hepatic malignancies.
  • Multiple Organ Transplants: We have one of the busiest multi-organ transplant program in New York.

Experts in Retransplant Surgery

Our transplant team is highly experienced in performing retransplant surgery (also called redo transplant) for patients who have already had a transplant and now need another transplant to replace a previously donated organ. Retransplant patients require more careful management than first-time transplant patients because the body is more likely to reject an organ after a second or third transplant.

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