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If You Are Burned

  1. Drop and Roll 
    Drop and roll to extinguish clothing fire. (For scalds, immediately remove hot, wet


  2. Cool the Burn
    Cool the burned areas immediately with cool water. This reduces skin temperature and stops

    the burning process, numbs the pain and prevents or reduces swelling. 

  3. Remove Clothing
    Remove burned clothes. Lay the victim flat. Remove non-sticking clothing. Loosen or remove

    tight clothing, jewelry or boots before swelling occurs. 

  4. Cover the Burn
    Cover the burn. After cooling the burn with water, apply a clean dry dressing to the

    burned area. Cover the victim to keep him/her warm. 

  5. Get Medical Help
    Get medical help. Get the victim to a hospital. Do not underestimate the seriousness of

    the burn!

  6. No Ointments
    Do not use ointments, sprays, first aid creams or butter.

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