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Hot Water Safety - Burn Prevention

Do you know how to fill a bathtub?
First turn on the cold water.  Then add hot water.  When the tub is almost filled, turn off the hot water.  Then turn off the cold water.

Remember: don't put your child in the bathtub while the water is running!

Check the water with your hand!
Children have sensitive skin.  It can burn easier than adult's skin. That's why you should always check the water.

Put your hand all the way in the water.
Spread your fingers.  Move your hand back and forth throughout the length of tub to check for hot spots.  Then put your child in the tub.

Always stay with your child.
Do not answer the phone or door.  If you must leave the bathroom, take your child with you.

Some kids can turn the hot water on by themselves.  It only takes seconds for small kids to drown or burn themselves.

How hot is your water?
The water from your faucet should be no hotter than 120ºF.  If it's too hot. . .

Turn it down:

  1. Turn down your water heater setting yourself.
  2. Ask your plumber to turn down your water heater setting.
  3. Call your landlord.

The most painful burn is the one you could have prevented.

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