The Westchester Medical Center Diagnostic Radiology Residency program provides a number of additional benefits to support their residents throughout their residency training and in preparation for their careers. Below is a partial summary of the benefits afforded residents in the WMC program.

*Salary reflects the current salary scale in effect as determined by CIR Agreement. Salary scale will increase annually beginning 10/1/2018.

All residents receive 20 days of vacation and 4 personal days each year. Residents are also off for all holidays listed below. Residents can arrange to take vacation at the time of their choosing. Attendance of academic conferences does not utilize vacation days. Compensation Days are given for holidays worked.


WMC Department of Radiology observes the following enumerated holidays:

• New Year's Day
• Martin Luther King Jr.'s Birthday
• Washington's Birthday
• Christmas Day
• Labor Day
• Thanksgiving Day
• Memorial Day
• Independence Day

Our residents live in a variety of communities close to campus including Manhattan, as well as neighboring Westchester areas such as White Plains, Irvington, and Riverdale. Limited accommodation is also available on campus for residents at a discounted cost:

1 Bedroom /1 Bath $747.62 per month
2 Bedroom /2 Bath $908.35 per month

Housestaff Benefits:

Westchester Medical Center radiology residency program is a participating member of the Committee of Interns and Residents Service Employees International Union (CIR/SIEU) Healthcare Network that serves to support residents and enhance patient care.

Member benefits include:

• Health, dental, optical, disability and life insurance benefits.
• Legal services regarding visa issues and medical licensure consultation.
• $650 meal allowance is given to each resident annually
• Conference Allowance of $1,500 every three years
• Professional Education Plan allowance of $650 per year with rollover feature
• Free Online Rosetta Stone
• Membership at New York Sports Club at a discounted rate

Visit our GME Page for house staff contract and further information.

Educational Funds:

• The professional education allowance of $650.00 per academic year from the CIR may be spent on books, electronic educational materials, including online subscriptions.
• Funds can be used to purchase Apps for mobile and portable devices, tablets, computers, etc.
• Funds can also be used towards board fees and other training related expenses.


The Department provides each first year resident with a tablet that will allow them access to all resources they will need for their Radiology education, including electronic textbooks, videos, radiology apps and PACS access.

Board Review:

Resident’s receive $2500.00 to attend Board Review courses during their 3rd year, this can be used to pay course tuition and/or related travel expenses.

AIRP Program:

The department pays tuition for all residents to attend the rotation at AIRP (American Institute for Radiologic Pathology) during their 3rd year. A living allowance of $1,500 is also provided.

Attendance at National Meetings:

• Residents who have their research accepted for presentation (Electronic, poster or oral presentation) at an academic conference will have their conference attendance funded by the program.
• This includes reimbursed airfare, hotel, and meal allowance for up to a total of $2,000.00 per conference.
• Residents may attend multiple conferences at the discretion of the program director if their work is accepted for presentation.
• In addition, residents may attend one RSNA meeting, in their third or fourth year, regardless of whether research will be presented. The program will reimburse travel, hotel, and a meal allowance for academic meetings for a total amount of $1,500.00.
• The department also pays up to $2,000.00 for the Chief Resident to attend the annual Academy of University (AUR) Radiology Meeting.

Fellowship Preparation:

Residents are guaranteed a minimum of 7 days for fellowship interviews, at no deduction from vacation time. More time can be arranged at the discretion of the Chief Resident based on coverage for rotations.

Library and Facilities:

WMC residents have access to the New York Medical College and hospital libraries and resources including online databases, electronic journals, multimedia and hard copy resources with borrowing privileges.