Pathology Residency Program

Welcome to the Westchester Medical Center Pathology Residency Program.

It is my great pleasure and honor to serve as the Program Director of the Pathology Residency program at Westchester Medical Center, a quaternary referral center set in the beautiful wooded suburb of New York City. We are committed to promote excellence and diversity in our quality of care and patient services. Our program is designed to provide a strong foundation in both Anatomic and Clinical Pathology to prepare the residents for either academic- or community-based Pathology practices.

Our program offers ACGME accredited training for 12 residents either in combined Anatomic and Clinical Pathology (4-year APCP track), or single track of Anatomic Pathology (3-year AP track) or Clinical Pathology (3-year CP track). Generally, three first-year positions are open each July.

The training is integrated in various areas of AP and CP throughout the four years including rotations in Surgical Pathology, Cytopathology, Autopsy, Transplant Pathology, Hematopathology, Clinical Chemistry, Microbiology, Blood Bank/Transfusion Medicine, Cytogenetics, Molecular Pathology, Laboratory Management, Informatics, and HLA among others. The schedule is made in 4-week modules. Elective time can be used to further investigate an area of interest or for research. All our residents participate in yearly research projects, QA & QI projects, and journal clubs. Often their projects lead to poster or platform presentations at the national conferences, which they are strongly encouraged to attend.

I hope the information in this website is helpful and gives you an overview of our training program. You will take advantage of every opportunity and make good use of all the facilities we have here at Westchester Medical Center. Our wonderful support staff are there to guide you along the way, and the faculty interests and expertise are vast and varied, in order to be as inclusive as possible to accommodate pathology residents from any and all backgrounds and experience.

Thank you for your interest in the Westchester Medical Center Pathology Residency Program.


Humayun K. Islam, MD, PhD
Program Director, Pathology Residency
Clinical Professor of Pathology, New York Medical College
Chief, Anatomic Pathology
Director, Hematopathology

Residency in Pathology - Anatomic & Clinical Pathology

Programs Offered
Fully approved pathology residency programs are offered in anatomic pathology, clinical pathology (three years) and combined anatomic and clinical pathology (four years). The training integrates both anatomical and clinical pathologic training throughout all four years. Anatomic pathology training includes surgical pathology, autopsy pathology, hematopathology, renal pathology, neuropathology, cytopathology, cytogenetics, molecular genetics, and forensic pathology. Clinical pathology encompasses clinical chemistry, hematology, transfusion medicine, transplant immunology, flow cytometry, medical microbiology, immunology, serology, laboratory management and informatics. 

All pathology residents participate in yearly research projects. The projects often lead to poster and platform presentations at national conferences, which residents are encouraged to attend. Expenses related to such conferences are reimbursed. For residents who wish to gain additional experience in pathology research, the Valhalla campus and the Cancer Research Institute offer the opportunity to participate in a number of ongoing projects under the direction of a departmental faculty member. The residents have full access to the library facilities of New York Medical College and access to medical literature online wherever they are. They attend monthly meetings of New York Pathological Society and Westchester Pathology Society in addition to daily departmental conferences and certain clinical conferences. The chief residents and qualified senior residents may receive appointments as Instructors in the Medical College and participate in the education of sophomore medical students.

Types and Numbers of Appointments
Twelve positions are available at the Valhalla Campus: generally three PGY-1 openings are offered each July. Residents are assigned full time to 
Westchester Medical Center Hospital (WMC) of the Westchester Medical Center Health Network. All elective and required rotations including forensic pathology and cytogenetics are offered within the campus. One month is allocated for an outside rotation of the residents choosing in the third year of training. 


Outline of Rotations

Anatomic Pathology (AP): 26 months 
- Surgical Pathology: 18 months
- Autopsy: 4 months
- Cytology: 3 months
- Medical Examiner: 1 month
Clinical Pathology (CP): 19 months 
Electives (either AP or CP): 3 months 
*All durations are approximated and may be adjusted as needed 

Westchester Medical Center STATs 

Anatomic Pathology 
- 18,000 Surgical Specimens 
- 70 Autopsies 
- 1,200 GYN
- 2,600 Non-GYN 
- Urologic 
- Effusions 
- Pulmonary 
- CFS 
- GI 

Special Laboratories 
Renal Pathology 
Molecular Pathology 
Electron Microscopy 
- Karyotyping
Forensic Pathology 

Clinical Pathology 
Flow Cytometry 
Tissue Typing /HLA
(renal, liver, heart transplantation) 

Transfusion Service 
New York Blood Services


The opportunities for research at both at WMC and NYMC are vast. We currently have projects focused on multiple different areas including; conventional histology, immunohistochemistry, cancer genomics, microbiology and informatics. Residents are able to access a wide array of resources to allow for participation in clinical studies as well as bench work.

Of note are the two Illumina MiSeq next generation sequencers, one at the college and the other at the medical center, and our Phillips whole slide scanner that are available for resident projects. Currently multiple studies engaging these are allowing us to access the forefront of medicine. Regardless of your interest, multiple projects can be undertaken and are encouraged.

Current Residents

Marcelo Ferreia Cassini, MD, PhD

Alae Kawam, DO

Haiyan Li, MD

Alexandra Budhai (PGY-4)

Christian Salib (PGY-4 Chief)

Sina Zomorrodian (PGY-4)

Sarwat Gilani (PGY-3)

Dana Razzano (PGY-3 Chief)

Shamima Sultana (PGY-3)

Rugved Pattarkine (PGY-2)

Kemin Xu (PGY -2)

 Alae Kawam (PGY-1)

Marcello FerreiraCassini (PGY-1)

Haiyan Li (PGY -1)

Qiqi Ye (PGY-2)



Maheen Hossain, MD
Medical School: University of Dhaka
Fellowship: Surgical Pathology - Long Island Jewish Medical Center (2015)

Boaz Kurtis, MD
Medical School: Sackler School of Medicine
Fellowship: Molecular Genetic Pathology - Columbia University (2015)
Dermatopathology - Cockerell University (2016)

Kashan Khalid, MD
Medical School: Khyber Medical College
Fellowship: Surgical Pathology - Staten Island University (2015)

Xiaoyong Zheng, MD
Medical School: Third Military Medical University
Fellowship: Genitourinary Pathology - Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Patricia Adem, MD
Chief of Clinical Laboratories
Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine
Medical School: Rutgers – New Jersey Medical School
Residency: University of Chicago Medical Center
Fellowship:Infectious Disease Pathology- Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Praveen N. Chander, MD
Medical Renal and Liver Pathology
Professor of Pathology and Clinical Medicine
Medical School: All India Institute of Medical Sciences
Residency: New York Medical College
Fellowship: Renal Pathology- College of Physicians and Surgeons of the Columbia University

Larissa Debelenko, MD
Pediatric Pathology
Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine
Medical School: Bogomolets National Medical University, Kiev, Ukraine
Residency: College of Physician and Surgeons, Columbia University, New York, NY
Fellowships: Surgical Pathology- Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania

John T. Fallon III, MD, PhD
Chairman of Pathology
Director of Laboratory Services
Professor of Pathology and Medicine
Medical School: Albany Medical College
Residency: Massachusetts General Hospital
Fellowship: Harvard Medical School

Liying Han, MD, PhD
Cytopathology and Gynecological Pathology
Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine
Education: Medical School: Fourth Military Medical University
Residency: North Shore University Hospital
Fellowship: Cytopathology- Wayne State University

Humayun K. Islam, MD, PhD
Chief, Anatomic Pathology
Director, Hematopathology
Program Director, Pathology Residency
Associate Professor of Clinical Pathology & Medicine
Medical School:Dhaka Medical School
Residency: New York Medical College
Fellowship: Hematopathology- New York University Medical Center

George M. Kleinman, MD
Associate Professor of Pathology and Medicine
Medical School:State University of New York at Buffalo
Residency: Massachusetts General Hospital
Fellowship: New England Medical Center

Patrick A. Lento, MD
Cardiovascular Pathology
Pathology Course Director
Professor of Pathology and Medicine
Medical School: Georgetown University School of Medicine
Residency: The Mount Sinai Hospital

Fouzia A. Shakil, MD, PhD
Hematopathology and Pulmonary Pathology
Medical School: Sir Sallmullah Medical College
Residency: Oregon Health and Science University
Fellowship: Surgical Pathology- Oregon Health and Science University

Yasmin Yusuf, MD
Cytopathology and Breast Pathology
Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine
Medical School: Dow Medical College
Residency: Oregon Health and Science University
Fellowship:Cytopathology- New York Medical College

Minghao Zhong, MD, PhD
Genitourinary Pathology and Molecular Pathology
Assistant Director of Clinical Molecular Laboratory
Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine
Medical School: Tongji Medical College of Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Residency: University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey
Fellowship: Molecular Pathology- Mount Sinai Medical Center Genitourinary Pathology- Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

Candidates must be graduates of approved schools in the U.S. or Canada, or foreign medical graduations of approved schools and have passed Step 1, Step 2 and Step 3 of the USMLE. Foreign medical graduates must have an appropriate Visa. Satisfactory references are required. Applicants for the first year positions must apply through ERAS. We participate in the NRMP. July 1 is the normal beginning date for residencies.

Ramonita Ferreira 
Program Coordinator
Department of Pathology
Westchester Medical Center Hospital
Westchester Medical Center Health Network
100 Woods Road
Valhalla, NY 10595